Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy Utah :)

Last Tuesday we went to SLC to Primary Children's Hospital for Anya's ENT consultation :) The ENT's office called me first thing that morning to tell me the Dr had a emergency and they were hoping we hadn't left home yet so they could reschedule us for another day....well I sorta lied and said we were already on our way.....so they rescheduled us for later in the afternoon. Which ment our day that we had planned was all messed up, and it was big time snowing!
To make a long story short ;) The ENT looked at her ears and we did another hearing test. The good news is her hearing in her right ear is back into the normal range....the left ear is still bad but it "should" go back to a normal hearing ear once we can fix the holes in it. In the mean time we need to be mindful of the fact that she can't always hear us if we are talking on her left side and to make adjustments. He also said that we are doing the best thing possible in homeschooling her! Because big crowds make her hearing go straight down the tube......So I left feeling glad that we now know we've been doing everything we can be, and he didn't have any other suggestions....which made it kinda feel like a waste of time....but a good waste of time ;)
Afterwards it was snowing pretty bad and we debated just going back to Nash's parents....but we felt bad that the kids were trapped at the drs for so long. So we took a big breath and went down to Sandy and had a BLAST at the aquarium :) I am so glad we went! I'm only posting a few pictures that I took cause well.....I had WAY WAY too much fun with my cameras and have too many pictures to post :)

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