Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Family Christmas Trip Itinerary

Christmas - see Yum and Jim, eat dinner and open presents with the Baughman's

Saturday- Morning spent with Yum and Toby's family while Nash and Jim went grocery shopping, then had my Safran family Christmas party in the afternoon

Sunday- went to church and had a ALL day Johnson party/hangout :)

Monday -Spent the morning with Yum and Jim, went to see a movie with KeeNan's family and Grandpa...Grandpa didn't feel good and tickets were all bought out so we went up to Huntsville and visited KeeNan's family for the afternoon

Tuesday- spent the morning with Yum and Jim, Primary Children's and the Aquarium

Wednesday- Movie with Nash while kids went to a movie with Grammy Dix and Pops, ate out for lunch (with only Nash and Sari it was HEAVEN) and went to the Tree House Museum with the kids and then had dinner with the baughman's

Thursday- New Year's Eve spent the morning with Yum and Jim, then went shopping with my parents, then went to a friend party and had a total blast! (the kids stayed with my mom...except Sari of course....and it was sooooo nice not to worry about them) :) Happy 2010!

Friday- Went to another movie with Tara and Preston at noon....yeah it wasn't fun to get out of bed ;) Spent the rest of the day with the Baughman's and had a wonderful dinner of snow crab and steak....we also got to enjoy the company of Kurtiss and Michelle (cousins)

Saturday- woke up early and packed and cleaned and DROVE HOME! the rest of the day was spent doing laundry and working on Primary stuff for the next day!

All this week has been just as busy and Emory and Nash and Anya and RaeLee brought home a nasty yucky cold/flu bug.......yeah its been great?!

When Do I get a REAL vacation?????? LOL

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landofnyedom said...

Wow! Busy 'vacation'. Don't you love when you come home and need a vacation from your vacation? Sounds like you had lots of fun though. Glad you could come over on N.Y.E. Feel free to use any pics from facebook. I figured that was the easiest way to get them to everyone. They were too big to email.
My girls have colds this week too. No fun. Hope you all get better quick. Seems a lot of people are sick right now. :(