Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Yesterday we had a family emergency!

We woke up to sunshine and started doing school. Things were going well everyone was doing their work and we were happy.

Then I went to feed the frogs......But WAIT where was IGGY???!!!!! I called the kids over to see if they could see him. They couldn't either so I opened up the tank moved everything around and checked the filters....still no Iggy! So I'm wracking my brain as to what has happened to our frog. My ideas were 1. he jumped out 2. Zoey ate him (which she couldn't have done) 3. Nash took him to school 4. that he died overnight and Nash had already done something with him (the last two didn't seem plausable cause Nash would've said something to me)

So we searched and searched and searched.... the weird thing is Zoey jumped out last week and Nash found her in the kitchen we figure she was out 4-6 hours or so..... While we are searching I was texting Nash wondering if he knew where the poor froggie was. Our frogs are water frogs, they are not made to be out of water for long periods of time (tho in the wild if their pond/puddle dries up they will leave it and find another)

Finally Nash called and said he didn't have the frog and thought it was funny that I thought he might've taken it to school....Anyways he said he heard some scratching noises in the TV room before he went to school. So Emory and I went and started searching under the couches and around everything. By this time Emory was getting really upset and worried about our little frog and he knew that if we didn't find him soon he could die or already be dead.

We decided it was time for a prayer - so I said one. And told Emory that if he listened he might hear/feel the holy ghost tell him where to look. So he stood really still for a few minutes and then started crying and told me he didn't hear anything! So then I explained that he still needed to be looking around, that we asked Heavenly Father for help but that we still needed to do the work. He started looking again and walked across the room and went behind me where there were Halloween buckets to be put away. And he stopped dead in his tracks and said MOM I FOUND HIM! I turned around and went and looked and sure enough he had. The poor frog had somehow jumped/crawled all the way through the house and got stuck in a halloween pumpkin bucket. When I first saw him I wasn't sure he was alive. I reached down and picked him up and could feel his heart beat and he tried to kick out of my hands. What a glorious feeling! We carried him over to his tank he was covered in hair and fuzz from the carpet. At this moment Nash walked in and was relieved that we found the frog. We put him back in the tank and he started swimming around.

I told Nash how we found him and he felt bad that he didn't stop to look around for the noise...but he had no idea that it was one of our frogs. I went back out to the tank and saw Emory crying while he was watching Iggy. He was very upset and so we said another prayer of thanks and to ask that Iggy be okay after his adventure. Then we made up stories about Iggys adventure.

Since Zoey had gotten out a week ago we had a heavy object on top of the tank lid. So the night before when I heard a noise in the kitchen I didn't think they could get out. What I didn't realize is that Rae had taken it off the tank. So both Nash and I had a opportunity to save Iggy from a night out in the house... We figure he spent between 8-12 hours out of water.

The good news is Iggy is fine and Emory was able to learn about the power of prayer. Who would've known our funny frogs would cause so much trouble?!

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The Tolmans said...

im glad you found your frog and more happy the kids learned the power of prayer