Wednesday, November 25, 2009

THIS is the TIME of YEAR to be BUSY

I have neglected my poor blog!!! I apologize profusely!!!!!!!

Since our frog adventure we've had some interesting times :) Anya went and had a hearing test and visited her ENT where we discovered her hearing was getting bad again and that her right ear had lots of negative pressure. So the next day we did surgery and put another tube in her ear (#7) We thought there would be alot of fluid in her ear and there wasn't we are trying to figure out what is going on with it to cause such high pressures and hearing loss.

I also took her hearing test results to her speech therapist and she helped me make alot more sense of how well Anya can and can't hear. After talking to Patty some of the things Anya does makes alot more sense. And for a few days afterwards I was feeling like a crazed mom.

Its hard when you have a special needs child cause there are times where you feel like you have everything under control and going good but then you find out that you were just in a bubble. And when that bubble pops its hard to take it.

So we are now working on getting her into a ENT at primary childrens to see if there is anything else we can do and just make sure we've done the best we can for her. More fun fun!

Nash hasn't had school since Friday so we are in Utah enjoying family and friends! We've been running around like crazy and finally today we're just kinda hanging out :) Its been nice to be here for longer than a few days cause we've been able to enjoy our friends. The only problem is we need alot more time for all the people we want to see :) So if we haven't made it to your house leave a note and we'll catch you when we are down after christmas :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Oh Nash broke his phone on my parents floor on Sat night so we had to go buy new phones and I just have to say I AM IN LOVE!!!! We upgraded and now have unlimited text and web!!! holy cow is it nice! I can do things and rock and nurse the baby at the same time :) I am in HEAVEN!!! plus its a touch screen and very cool (in my opinion)

I also went and had my mani and pedi that Nash got me with his birthday money last friday and again HOLY COW I am addicted. I had never had either before and it was so relaxing and nice....too bad I'm a fingernail polish has already been chipped and its not so pretty anymore.......LOL

Anyways..... Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

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Jake and Stephanie Perrin said...

K.. save your pennies.. We are going to get a PEDI before my baby comes!! I NEED ONE SOO BAD!! DEAL?? End of Janurary.. you better have the 25 bucks saved!