Thursday, February 19, 2009

We are eating our words!

When we first found out we were pregnant we had a BUNCH of friends also announce they were due within a month of us. We proudly told them... HAHA we will beat you!

Now thankfully we are proud to announce we have been beaten badly!

Congrats too:

Jeremy and Nicole - Noah
Mike and Becky - Jacob
Lori and Logan - Addison
Megan and Chad - girl
Becky and Marc - Sophie
Jill and Tyson - Pratt
Becca's Sister - girl
Brooke and Nate -Hailey
Ruby and Kevin - Julie
Lindsey and Bracken - Benton
Jenn and Trupe - Israel
Katy and Tony - Xander
Miles and Celeste - Lorenzo
Jason and Cindy - Chelsey
John and Natasha - boy

I think that's all that has beat us, in random order ;) All these cute babies have been born in the last month or so! We are all doing our part in populating the world ;) WE do still have a few that we have a chance of beating...but they could also beat us!!!

Josh and KayCee - Kellee (Feb 25)
Taber and Becca - Gideon (Feb 26)

Happy Baby times to all!!!


Rosa Family said...

Wow, I don't even know that many people let alone PREGNANT people! By the way, my sister named her daughter Gemma. Hope things go well.

E and K Rausch said...

Today is the day good luck!! can't wait to see pictures.