Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My baby addiction!

So every baby has brought with it a new adventure of a new baby carrier! And I couldn't leave Sari out so I spent my day browsing and finding a new one for us to try :) (okay RaeLee was spoiled...I bought three by the time she was 18 months.....)

I settled on a baby Ktan, it is a mix between a sling, wrap, and front/back carrier but there are no snaps or rings or ties to deal with :) and they are good for really little babies (which lets face it we know we will have)

This is a Ergo! I love my ergo, for older babies and toddlers because it really gives you the support you need while carrying their chunky bodies :) I got this one when Rae was a toddler and look forward to getting to use it more with Sari.
I love my Mei Tei for babies between 4-12 months or so depending on their weight. Its easy to use and comfy! But again the ties can get dirty from hitting the ground while in the tying process.

My Moby is great and I love how snuggly it is with little babies, but I didn't like how the ties were always getting dirty.

I loved my Maya Sling with baby Emory cause I could get him nice and tight. But I didn't use it long because supporting his weight on one shoulder would give me bad headaches...and saddly I didn't know about the other carriers until RaeLee, so he wasn't carried as much.

My Over the Shoulder Baby Holder, was my first and I never did get the hang of using it. I didn't like the bulky padding and since Anya was tiny I never felt like she was secure enough and with her low muscle tone it just didn't work well for us. And again it is a one shoulder carrier which drives me bananas!
So as you can see I am plainly addicted, I also have a homemade wrap :) At least I'm addicted to something useful :) And my La Leche League group loves having me around cause I can demonstrate how to wear almost anything. The only carrier that I get requests about is a pouch and I don't have one...gasp! I just haven't been convinced on how secure they are so haven't gotten myself one, but maybe I should borrow one from my sister-in-law this time to test it out (hint,hint KeeNan) LOL. I also have no idea how to use those complicated, uncomfortable ones that you buy in the store, don't even know what they're called...LOL

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I hope I get to use one of these someday!