Sunday, February 01, 2009

More Frogs (cause admitt it, you my wonderful public are addicted to them)

Here are some picts from the top so you can see how pretty the frogs are, we've had lots of discussions on why they are different colors and what it means to be camaflodged.

Zoey the attack FROG!
They don't have teeth so don't worry they aren't stripping the flesh from our kids fingers...LOL it feels really funny and everyone loves to feed them...

On a side note: Emory was telling Poppy Bruce about his frogs today and Poppy was asking how big Zoey is, so that he could know if she was big enough to eat yet. Well Emory was VERY VERY UPSET that Pops could even think about eating his beloved frogs.... This is what Emory told his Poppy.... "If you do that I'll shoot you in the penis!" and yes, he was totally serious. Both Nash and I looked at each other in shock and were laughing, so was my Dad. So we've had a nice long talk tonight about what is okay to say when you are upset and what is not. Got to love little boys (and I think we'll be laughing about this one for a very very long time)...

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