Thursday, January 08, 2009

Happy 30 week mark Sari
Did another ultrasound and she is looking good and is getting big! And yes, she is sucking on her hand.... just what we need a thumb sucker/finger sucker! LOL
So you know you've been trapped in the house too long when you get excited about a Dr apt.... its the only time I'm "allowed" out and about and the only time I put on make up and "real" clothes, the rest of the time I'm in my comfy clothes with no makeup on and not that cute. Oh well, its worth it for Sari. (poor Nash!!!)
The placenta has moved up and does not look like its over the cervix any more...but we learned with RaeLee that it doesn't really mean anything since we had lots of previous ultrasounds with her and it still moved back and caught us off guard.


landofnyedom said...

Yea! Keep growing baby!

Rosa Family said...

This is a great ultrasound pic! How cute!!! Happy 30th week mark!

jess said...

I hope that you guys are doing well. If you need anything let us know!