Thursday, January 15, 2009

Family randome update

Nashie News- Nash officially accepted the seat here at ISU and we're really excited! Now to start working on financial aid and scholarship applications!! He also recieved a invite to the University of Utah's DPT program interviews, but we decided that here is a much better decision :) But we're very PROUD of him for getting another chance from another school, its pretty awesome if you ask me!

RaeLee News- We went and visited her Cardiologist from Primary Childrens (he comes up here every few months) and he gave her a perfect checkup. She is fine!!! Yeah!!! Her heart looks and sounds great and we won't have to see him again until she is 8 yrs old.

Me- tired of feeling sick from meds and having contractions..... yup, I'm whinning again and you all get to listen! LOL

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