Monday, January 12, 2009

Baby Update

30 weeks 4 days
So went to the Drs again...a thrilling way to get out of the house (though last week I got out for TWO dinners out (one to celebrate 30 weeks, and the other to celebrate Nash's news))
Anyways I got weighed (and sorry I will not post how much I am on the blog...that is for ME and only ME to know...LOL) measured and heard Sari's heart beat.
Then we decided to pull in the portable ultrasound machine so Dr Shelley could look at the placenta herself...because the report from Thursdays came back and told her like was soooo stupid, she couldn't believe it and even read it to me. Basically there was NO point in that ultrasound. And I didn't trust what the tech had told me cause she was the one that missed Rae's placenta previa 3 years ago.
So we did the ultrasound and have some good news the placenta has moved up enough that we won't have to cut through it to get to Sari. Which is huge cause that can cause soooo many problems for me and her! The placenta is shaped starts below my belly button and curves all the way around my left side and as its going around it gets lower and lower (like a spiral staircase) and ends either partically covering the cervix or really close by which means the risk of bleeding is back in the picture.
I'm still on my meds...YUCK! and still having contractions....YUCK! and I'm still supposed to be on "bed rest"....YUCK!
I feel like Heather Two-face.... one part of me is cheering us on and soooo excited that we've held on and wants us to keep going for as long as possible...... The other part of me is DONE, I'm tired I've been having Contractions for over two months with meds that make me feel even worse, and I've been on "high alert" for so long that my emotions are just shot.
Nash started school today and since we're accepting ISU's offer he was able to drop two classes!!! One this semester, which takes him from 17 credits to 15 credits!!! and one for the summer, so now we will get a WHOLE summer to enjoy!!!!!!!!!! And we are going to do everything we can to enjoy it because once he starts the PT program we won't have another "free" summer (so the next 2 are shot).
Anyways thanks for reading my nice long ramble and hope you all have a nice day!


Ashley said...

I can totally relate to being 'more than ready' to be done! But I am happy for you that she is holding on and staying inside of you for a little longer! I am excited for Nash as well! Congrats on that!
By the way, you look radiant!
Take care and good luck with labor and delivery! I hope it all goes well!

Brenda said...

Hi Heather -- I've been checking regularly to see what's up. Thanks for the update... you continue to be in my thoughts. Hugs -- Brenda

The Tanner Family said...

Im glad your still prego! I also am sick and tired of about streching this baby thing our forever! Hope everything continues to go well.