Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I'm not usually very political.....

So I don't claim to be super knowledgable about things. But after finding out that we now have a new President I feel very proud. He may not be who some wanted, and that is exactly the point of voting. I find it very wonderful that we have the freedom to choose and explore what we think.

My opinion is there were things I liked about both and things I didn't trust about both. I am just thankful that someone has been chosen and for good or bad our democracy worked.

All day I've heard alot of comments that just make me laugh...especially from my fellow LDSers.

"Oh no... now the second coming is coming!"

What?! LOL give me a break, its going to come no matter what we do!!! ....did you think it was something you could control by voting for McCain? And isn't the second coming something we are supposed to look forward too? I'm feeling confused, since when do we think we control anything in this big wide world?

The second coming is going to come, so stop being fearful, and support the President! Yes, he is going to make mistakes, name one president that hasn't! I don't think anyman in that job would be everything and do everything right. He just can't, this is earth where we are imperfect.

Anyways, I am glad to have this country to live in...and God Bless President Elect Barack Obama may you lead us truthfully.


sliceoflife said...

FINALLY! Someone with an open mind embracing what's to come. Some of the babble people are posting and ranting is just making me laugh. I can't take them seriously.

Kevin and Ruby said...

I just read your post on premies. How scary for you? How early were your babies?

Rosa Family said...

HEAR HEAR!!!! You are saying EXACTLY how I feel. LDSers (and I am LDS, as you know) need to realize that he too can lead our country to good. And if the second coming is coming, BRING IT ON!!! Like you said, we should be looking forward to that, and believe me, I AM!!!!