Monday, November 10, 2008

After weeks of searching for a baby girl name, we still do NOT have one. I am soooooo tired of looking at baby name lists and books and yet I can't stop. This is driving me nuts!!! So here are a few if you would please vote and let us know if you really like any of them :)

Thanks for your help!

Oh guess I should do an update.... Over the weekend I got to spend some time in the hospital with contractions, Baby Wacky (she wacks me allot) and I are fine and we got them under control. And hey, from my point of view it was a small vacation.... 4 hours of being waited upon, getting a nap, and having time away from kids (LOL)

Anyways I'm just supposed to keep things undercontrol and not overstress myself.... LOL like that's possible!!! So yup, I now have a reason to not do my dishes....

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The Juglers said...

Oh I love Dorkus, Sissy and Pancy. What incredible names you have come up with ;)