Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Emory watching Iggy discover that his tube is blocked off and now he can't get to the other side. He ran right into the stopper! It was funny. Baby Zoey is soooo much smaller than Iggy it will be a while before they can swim together.
Two frogs together (well kindof)
Baby frog Zoey
Big fat Iggy

Zoey has arms and legs, but still has a tail (about a week ago)

Zoey has legs (about two weeks ago)

This is the first time we caught Iggy going through the tube!
We had to take pictures because for about a month we had been trying to catch him going through, and of course he does it while Nash was at school.


Rosa Family said...

Your froggies are sooo fun!!!

Lynners said...

Your frogs are so cute! What a great idea for a pet. Are they hard? My oldest would love to have one.