Monday, September 29, 2008

Here's to a Wonderful 8 years!!! (tomorrow Sept 30th)

I found this on my friend Jenny Bobo's blog and thought it would be a fun way to remember how we came to be :)

What is his name: Nash Stephen Johnson

Nicknames: Nashie, Nashie-pooh, sweetie, dear, and some from growing up that I won't put on here (due to respect for my own life...LOL) but lets just say he had large ears growing up and most of them revolved around that.... Oh there were also the dumb one Mashed potatoes (whoever thought of that one was very creative....NOT)

How long have we been married: 8 crazy years tomorrow!!!

How long did we date: 7 months and then it was another 3 1/2 months till we got married.

How old is he: 29 right now and will be 30 (Oct 15)

How did we meet: A blind date set up by one of my ex-boyfriends! It was Dec 11, 1999 and I was still in high school and he had just been home for his mission for about a month. He couldn't find anyone to go with him cause most everyone he knew from before was married. He did ask three girls and they couldn't go. I heard about the date from my best friend who was starting to date my ex-boyfriend (which I was fine with cause he was one of my bestfriends then) and I wanted to go. So we got set up :) I was smitten at first sight and had a blast! Things happened on that date that both of us would never have done with anyone else. I knew he was it that night. (oh he was smitten too, he walked me to the door at the end and forgot to give me my boots! So he had to bring them back to me and then he went and got in on the passenger side of the van which is hillarious cause he was driving!!!!!)

How long have we been together: it will be 9 years in Dec.

Who eats more: Depends on what it is, usually it is him...but if its chocolate usually I can beat him

Who eats more sweets: we're pretty much tied on this, we both have a huge weakness for anything sugary and the more the better

Who said I love you first: Truthfully I don't recall, though I knew from the beginning that we were going to be together forever, it took him a few more weeks to reach that conclusion.

Who is taller: Nash by about 4 inches

Who sings better: Probably me cause I don't need to be standing with others to sing on tune ;)

Who does the laundry: we both do, simply because I hate it! No I LOATH it! It is my arch enemy and my poor hubby has to deal with that fact.... I will wash it but it takes alot for it to get folded and put away....glad he loves me!

Who does the dishes: we both do, but we're training the kids to take over!

Who pays the bills: he earns the money and I get to spend it...not like that is fun!

Who mows the lawn: the guys our apartment complex hires! Though when we had our house it was him, I can't figure out how in the world a lawn mower is supposed to start! Even in high school when my dad thought it was me mowing the lawn for him, it was more poor boyfriends who got the pleasure of doing it....LOL!

Who cooks dinner: I do, though he used to do it when we were first married and I worked in the evenings... now its an adventure if he wanders into the kitchen!!!

Who drives when you're together: He does, he even drove himself to the ER last night...LOL! I don't really like to drive with him in the car, but I'll do it if I have to...

Who is more stubborn: Ummmmm it depends on who wants what! Though I do think we're pretty even on this and we are both pretty easy to convince of things.

Who is the first to admit they're wrong: Me to a fault, cause I make EVERYTHING my fault... and he doesn't like to admit things are wrong....

Whose parents do we see the most: I think I'll skip this one to escape from bloodshed

Who kissed who first: Well I really wanted Nash to kiss me and he had NEVER kissed a girl before! So we were at my parents house sitting on the couch and he gave me a long speech (2 hours long) about how he couldn't kiss a girl, didn't know how, and didn't know when a girl wanted him too. The whole time I was giving him the please kiss me now look (girls you know what I mean) and when he left he kissed me on the cheek! It was so sweet!!! The next night after my family Christmas party we were sitting on the couch watching Anastasia with my sister who feel asleep on the rocking chair (great watchout person). And during the movie he finally got up the nerve and kissed me!!! And we've been kissing ever since ;) (It was a good thing I at least knew what I was doing and could teach him a thing or two....LOL)

Who proposed: Well he did, but I had put limits on it! 1. he couldn't propose while I was in high school cause that was just dumb! 2. he needed to do it before I left on my senior trip about a week and a half after graduation! Well he pulled it off and I was completely surprised! He showed up at my work (I was a receptionist for a car dealership) and so I was reading my book cause it was really slow. And he sneaked up behind me in his tux and a dozen roses, but I just kept reading! Finally a customer came up and started talking to me and asking if I liked that book and I was like Yeah! I love to read. She started laughing and looked to my side and behind me, I followed her gaze and almost fell out of my chair!!! Then I had to go ask my boss if I could get off work a little early and he was all "Why? ya got a hot date?" and was like "I think so?!" Nash then wisked me out to his little red old car and took me up to the Bountiful temple and the grounds were closed (cause it was a monday night) and he was all bummed, but I had been up there already for lunch and knew that the matenance gate was left open. So we SNUCK on to the temple grounds and that's where he read me a poem he wrote and proposed (after dropping half of the ring, which I did pick out). We went home and told our families and went to my ex-boyfriends house and told him thank you for setting us up! It was a great night, my only regret was I was wearing overalls and looked rather pathetic compared to him in his tux, but the surprise was worth it!

Who is more sensitive: ME!

Who has more friends: well he does, but that's not a surprise, anyone who meets him is soon a friend!

Who has more siblings: He does! He has 5 while I have 1 :)

Who wears the pants: Oh Nashie does, but that doesn't mean I'm not really in control ;)

I love you Nash and I'm so glad we're on this adventure called life together!!! Happy 8th Anniversary!!!

(Photo taken last November, not one of my favorites but I think Nash is cute in it!)


Lynners said...

I love that picture! So cute!

And I so admire you for doing the home school thing. What a brave choice, but I can certainly see why you do it.

Congrats on an obviously beautiful marriage! Love, Lyn (Reeder) Bardwell

Amanda Fullerton said...

Congratulations you two! I'm so happy for you. I hope that you have many more happy years to come! :)

Rosa Family said...

That was so fun to read!! Congrats on eight wonderful years and here's to an eternity more!!!

The Bobo's said...

Congrats on the anniversary! It was fun to read about you two! Hope things are going great!