Thursday, September 04, 2008

So about a week after my birthday my hubby walks in from a trip to Walmart and tosses a box at me. It was a new camera!!! I was shocked, I've been wanting one and at bear lake I took mine down to the lake (not that I remembered to take pictures) and it got all scraped up and sand in it. It still works but its definately not in top shape.

So my hubby gets points for surprising me!!! It is a 12 mega pixels, HD (high def) video, 5X zoom and a whole lot lighter than my other one. I am keeping my old one and the kids will be able to use it more without me panicing over my precious camera ;)

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Angelo, Rebecca, and Babies said...

ROCK ON!!! That is totally cool!!! The pictures are so fun too!! Take lots and lots, k????