Friday, August 29, 2008

Okay here is our ultrasound from August 14th, you can't see much but there is arms and legs and a body and head ;) Our kids thought it looked like a Gummy Bear so that's what we're calling it right now :)

Oh, so now we have a list of people due around the same time as we are....

Taber and Becca
Jason and Cindy
Jeremy and Nicole
Mike and Becky
and of course US

Nash's reply to those due around us is.... "Don't worry we'll beat them!" Gee we're becoming pretty twisted in our thinking! When Nash says that around other people they give him the you are crazy look. I just start laughing!!! I'd rather deal with our situation by making fun of it and laughing instead of panic attacks and more worry than anyone should have to deal with. So in my opinion we are handling it the best way possible, with smiles and laughs!

PS alot of us were sure "busy" this summer...if you get what I mean ;)

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Anonymous said...

I love your gummie bear already!