Monday, September 27, 2010

To celebrate making it to almost 10 years of marriage we went on a overnighter! It was soooooo NICE, thanks to having little ones we've only left our kids over night 3 times (the last time being 5 years ago) So our mini vacation was very needed :D We went to Lions Gate Manor at Lava Hot Springs :) It was beautiful, clean, refreshing, gorgeous, and the tub was marvelous (I want one!). Anyways I highly recommend it for a get away and if you do go please say we referred you so we can get a discount next time we go :D One reason why this bed and breakfast is different is its owned by a LDS family and there are pictures of Jesus in different rooms and its just very peaceful feeling. This is our view from our rooms balcony we stayed in the Roman Bath and I want to go back again! Thanks honey for a wonderful get away and for a wonderful almost 10 years!!!!

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landofnyedom said...

So nice you could get away. It does wonders. We've rarely done it, but it is nice to get a short break now & then.
Happy Anniversary!