Friday, July 30, 2010

For the first time in our almost 10 years of marriage we went camping ALL by ourselves :) We went to Big Springs, its by Lava Hot Springs and we had a BLAST!!! I took the first few pictures within the first 30 min of being there...we "thought" that this was as dirty as Sari could get....NOPE as you scroll down you will see her at her finest :) We did lots of hikes and went swimming at Lava. We had a really big thunderstorm one night and the kids weren't sure how to react to it. We learned that cheap rope breaks easily when you have 6 people in it to weaken it and then push a daddy in it as hard as you can....And that when a beetle of large size lands on Emory he can scream and jump like a GIRL! We did lots of painting and lots of cross stitching. It was alot of fun and well worth all the time and effort of packing! LOL Anyways there are lots of pictures cause I liked them all and its my blog so I can post them ;) (there are also new pictures of other things after this camping one so keep scrolling!)


landofnyedom said...

Looks like you guys had a nice relaxing time! Well deserved I'm sure. Enjoy the rest of your family time together! :)

Shamae said...

Hey Heather! Looks like a fun trip! Hey I had a are part of the LLL here right? Cause I really want to try and make bf work with this baby...hopefully it doesn't come early like Morgan did. I have struggled a lot with Syd and Morgan so I was hoping to tap your brain and resources. So if you could email me, I'd appreciate it.

Googs said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! We love camping and it always ends up being worth all the work to get there.

I would like to know how people go camping and NOT have their toddlers get filthy. We still haven't figured out that secret yet. :)