Monday, June 14, 2010

Bear Lake Half Marathon (Nash 13.1 miles) and 10K (Heather 6.2 miles)
All ready to get on the bus! I had to wait for about a half hour and it was raining the whole time! I was SOOOO worried that it was going to rain the whole race!!!
Nash about 15 min in or so and doing great!
Me during the first 10 min :)
Nash on the dirt road! I knew that a person had run the half or full marathon by if their butt was dirty when they passed me :)
It didn't rain on us but we had storms all around us!
Happy runner :)
In fact if you notice both Nash and I started taking layers off :) Here I am passing my gloves to my dad...he was great! He spent the whole morning driving between Nash and I taking pictures and clothes :)
YEAH! I get to walk and get a drink...this is at the half way point!
I'm all done!!! I finished so strong I ran past my dad and he missed getting a finish line shot of me :(
I went and met Nash farther down to give him a extra boost (I could've used one) and I ran a little ways with him but he was SOOOO stinkin fast I was GLAD to go stand by my mom!
We DID it!
Nash 2:12:56
Heather 1:20:11
The whole family :) The kids were kinda mad cause Nash was going so fast they didn't really see him run by at the finish! LOL
RaeLee showing her attitude :( But the poor thing woke up at 6:30am and that just isn't a good thing when it comes to her.
Poor Rae

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Noodle said...

holy awesome!!! I would fall over dead at the 1/2 mile mark....