Saturday, May 22, 2010

Nash and I are AWESOME!

WE just completed our "practice" runs :)

Nash 13.15 miles in 2 hour and 17 minutes!!!!

Heather 6.2 miles in 74 minutes and 24 seconds!!!! (1 hour 14 min 24 sec)

We are now both really tired but we're not dead...surprise!!!

OTHER NEWS we have picked up a Coxsackie virus from somewhere (hand, foot, and mouth disease) It has been going through my kids 1 by 1 this week and its not pleasant. They have had fevers from 2 - 5 days and have sores in their mouths (Sari has it on her hands and feet too) Emory just started his fever this morning and it takes about 7 days before he's not contagious we might not be going to Utah next weekend.......ugh! The poor kids couldn't go to their last soccer game because of being sick, but it was cancelled at the last minute thanks to SNOW! yes SNOW! But their coach was great and brought them their trophies and pictures, they are so proud of themselves and so am I. They tired their hardest and played wonderfully it was a very fun season!!!

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