Thursday, May 06, 2010

7 years sure does fly!!!!
Yes Nash and I are old enough to have our second baby in these pictures....LOL
All 3 lbs 7 oz of MIRACLE - 10 weeks early
I'm so thankful to be his mommy!!! I can't wait to see the man he becomes...


Karlie said...

That brings back memories of my own, only it was with my first. My Abby was 3 lb. 4 oz. and 9 weeks early. It's so wonderful to have all of the technology that we do that can help our little ones. So glad to hear that your little boy is healthy.

landofnyedom said...

Yep, Caitlyn's birthday is coming up too. Glad to see he's done so well. Can't believe next year they'll be getting baptized! Caitlyn's so excited. :)
Happy Birthday Emory!