Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Want some dirt? Its fun to play with and good to eat?!

Running UPDATE :)

I just ran my first ever 5K and I went beyond it.....

I just did 3.557 miles in 45 minutes

(38.30 min of total running that's when I hit 3.107 miles)

I am TIRED....I don't hurt but man is it a fight to make myself move :/ My WHOLE body is tired - even my fingers are tired LOL :)

But I FEEL marvelous!!!

Reading UPDATE:
Emory finished his first ever Magic Treehouse book today :) Anya is reading more and more all the time and is even picking up books to read for fun! RaeLee is wanting to know her letters and is writing them all the time :)

Outdoor UPDATE:
Anya is doing great on her bike she is now able to turn at the end of the driveway and go non-stop for as long as she wants. Emory is fast and dangerous and fun to watch! RaeLee demanded her training wheels off last night and is starting to learn how to ride without them.... Sari's favorite things are DIRT DIRT and SWINGS :) And going fast in her car!

He is busy busy busy busy busy....and when he becomes a little less busy he will be in Utah away from us...........He is doing amazingly well! There is NO WAY that I could do all that he does and spend the time with us that he does and be able to keep going all the time! I am soooo proud of him!!!!

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Tiffany said...

Way to go on the running. Keep it up, you're doing so good.

I love the pictures, too cute!