Tuesday, April 06, 2010

In Nash's family growing up the Easter bunny would HIDE their baskets. So we've carried on the tradition (which my parents thought was funny) So Emory woke up first and before anyone could stop him, he began to HUNT for baskets. He says he didn't find his own....but he found it really really fast after we said he could! It was a great Easter and we're very glad my parents were able to come and spend it with us! I hope everyone else had a wonderful family filled day too! Oh and after months of trying on my Dad's part Sari FINALLY decided he is a okay guy and spent lots of time sitting with him. :)

Finding Easter Eggs was fun and COLD....brrrrrr I'm sooo ready for the weather to warm up, so I had to take a picture of the dandelions I saw :) that means YES things really are going to warm up soon! RaeLee spent the egg hunt pouting cause it was cold and windy, the rest of the kids had a blast! Sari especially got a kick out of finding the eggs :) After the egg hunt we enjoyed playing with the toys from the Easter bunny and spending time with grammy and pops. Sari enjoyed wearing her bloomers on her head :)

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