Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I DID IT....I DIDN'T think I could BUT I DID IT!!!

10 Years ago when I met Nash I was introduced to running. I tried it while we were dating...I HATED it....since then I've always laughed at him when he told me how great and wonderful it was...yada yada yada I thought. I seriously thought he was certifiably NUTSO! And he knew that's how I did everyone else ;)

BUT I'm starting to eat my own words...and its so AWESOME!

Tonight my work out when like this.....

Warm Up: walk 2min@3.5mph - 2min@4mph

RUN 6min CONTINUOUS@4.5mph

walk 4min@4mph

RUN 2min@4.5mph

Walk 4min@4mph

RUN 4:30min@4.5mph
RUN 30sec@5mph

Cool Down: Walk 2@4mph-2@3.5mph

Total 30minutes...13 running! and a TOTAL of 2.094 MILES :)

SOOOO did you catch that??? YUP for the first time in my life I ran for more than 5 min at a time without stopping to walk!!!! I HAVE NEVER DONE THAT BEFORE!

I DIDN'T think I could BUT I did......WOW!

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Cole and Shelly Parker said...

Good for you!! I never thought I would like running either! But I love it!! It is addicting!!