Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sari loved the attention and the song
She was clapping and happy...until she reached over and touched the flame....Daddy thought she was just going for the frosting and mommy was taking pictures and wasn't close enough to stop her. Don't worry her finger is fine...but she won't be touching candles again!
Daddy that mean cake bit me!

This is interesting...mommy hasn't given me food like this before
The food sticks to me! It sticks to me! And I don't like it!!!

OH! it tastes good!
drawing on the table is okay
Me Birdy...feed me daddy!
The darn stuff is still sticking on my hands
Oh well I'll just KICK the cake off the table! (thank goodness Nash caught it!)
Two of mommy's favorite things....chocolate and baby toes :)

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Noodle said...

Yummy!!! I just want to eat those toes!!! Looks like you guys had a blast for little Sari's Big day... I can't belive she is getting so big...