Friday, February 12, 2010

Now we all have a baby doll :)
Zach, Emily, Lilly, and Becca
For months Sari has been chasing her siblings around and attacking their dolls. And after having ear infections for the past month she has been miserable. So we decided to give her a birthday gift early (cause well she won't know the difference) and she was throwing a big fit over Becca and Rae was throwing a fit over Sari loving Becca. Now everyone is happy (well until the big girls put their dolls in their strollers....but we're saving the stroller for her birthday.....) LOL

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Noodle said...

How cute I love that all your kids have simaler dolls... My mom did this with us kids... And I was the only girl.. My brothers still have there dolls and I think it made them better daddys...