Monday, January 25, 2010


So I've had a few people ask how the treadmill is working out...well I LOVE it! Its been great and holy cow! today I am SORE :) Most days I'm up and doing my stuff before Sari is awake but there are times where she is awake and my solution has been Cheerios and the playpen or stroller. She just sits there and gives me funny looks (like MOM why are you doing all that work and not going anywhere) LOL

I actually have been running! Now this is no small feat for me. Over the years I've become a expert on not triggering my exercise induced good that my sister didn't think I had a problem. Having a Inhailer has seriously changed my exercise life! When I had one as a kid Dr. told me not to use it until I had I would do all I could to NOT use it (cause by that time I was already miserable and what was the point to that?) So I stopped playing soccer and I wasn't as successful at swim team as I probably could've been. My Dr. now has me taking it BEFORE I work out.....its wonderful!!! I do get winded, but I can workout and not struggle to breath. Its amazing!

So on Sat I jogged/ran for 7 1/2 minutes!......Now my wanna be PT says I have delayed onset muscle soreness since like all of me hurts :) So today I took it easy, but I was on the treadmill and ran for 2 min even tho it was torture!

Nash is doing good too! He's been doing TONs of workouts between school and home. I'm proud of him :)

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Johnson Family said...

Good job. I think that's great. I wish I was better, I just need to set aside a time and just do it, I guess. Thanks for the motivation.