Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nash is 31

Here are some random thoughts/stories/facts about him....

1. He loves me and I love him
2. his favorite color
3. he doesn't know how to cook...he swears hw did on his mission but it is a skill that has disappeared since we've been married LOL
4. if you tease him too much he gets mad :)
5. he only likes Double stuffed oreos
6. he is really good at writing but he HATES doing it
7. he got a few Fs and Ds in high school
8. hes earned all As and Bs in college
9. we found out last year on his birthday that Sari was a girl
10. he likes to spend money
11. if he gets a new electronic toy he he HAS to play with it ASAP
12. Emory likes how daddy wrestles with him
13. Rae likes daddys birthday
14. Anya likes how funny daddy is
15. Sari likes daddys tickles
16. He likes learning about the human body and thinks working on his cadaver is interesting
17. he is excited to go to the movie of Where the Wild things Are
18. it was his favorite book when he was little
19. he didn't enjoy reading alot till he met me
20. we met on a blind date
21. he gave me alcohol on our second date...I was 17 and yes it was a accident
22. he is happier doing school than he was drafting
23. he likes to snuggle his babies
24. he is good at pretending to be surprised even tho Rae spilled the beans about his party
25. Nash is great at making friends and loves to talk
26. His favorite game right now is disc golf
27. he will find any reason to go play it
28. he likes watching ER
29. he likes to watch funny chick flicks
30. he does not like to watch a movie more than once....unless it is spectacularly different
31. He is the best daddy and my best friend!!!! I love you honey!!!!!!!!!

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