Sunday, October 25, 2009


This is post 904! WOW!!!

Johnson Family update :) Lets start with the kids....

Sari is almost crawling! Tonight I've been watching her scoot on her knees frontwards! I am going to have to have the big kids pick up the floor every morning before school (since they like to cut paper) there are pieces of paper everywhere and Sari thinks they are to EAT!! and that they are delicious!!!

RaeLee is constantly going! She has to be in the middle of everything and has started doing preschool work and loves it! She Loves Sari to the point of driving everyone nuts....she literally won't leave the poor baby alone.

Emory is doing great, he is very into Harry Potter and loves to read/watch/listen to it. He also read me his first book that isn't a phonics reader! He did it last wed. while we were waiting for Anya to do her reading class. I was so proud I had to hold back tears the whole time!!!

Anya is doing great! We are moving along nicely in school (except for the occasional mommy meltdown LOL) We did reading tests with her last week and we're able to test her aspects that we couldn't last year! She is behind Emory but she is catching up to him quickly!

Daddy is going crazy with school!!! There are tests and presentations and papers and it just doesn't stop! At least in undergrad you have times where its kinda predictable to be slower or more chaotic but not in grad! Its like the busiest time in undergrad ALL the time now.... He is doing wonderfully all of his tests and projects have scored 90% or more!!! I think at times he feels overwhelmed but at the same time I know he enjoys it (okay not "enjoys" but there is a happiness in him that comes out when he is talking about something new he learned or thought about in a new way). I am so proud of him!!!!!

Mommy.... I'm doing good :) I got a new calling as the 1st councilor in our primary presidency :) I'm excited to see what new things I get to do. I'm enjoying school with the kids more this year, and I think its because we have a "school" room so we are more organized and not in my kitchen! I also think its because I can see the progress they've made :) I feel like we are still adjusting to Nash's schedule and a few weeks ago if you asked me how his school was going I would've told you its hard but not as hard as I had imagined....well after the last two or three weeks I will say its hard and it is as hard as I thought it would be! I've been picking up on his stress and I have to brag about him. He went to the store yesterday for grocery's and came home with a gift certificate for me to go get and mani and a pedi!!! WOW he spent his birthday money on me. I can't tell you how much that means to me and how special/loved/valued its made me feel! Thanks honey!!!!

Anyways that's why there haven't been many pictures this past week...we've just been busy with school and school and school and get the idea ;)


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