Monday, September 21, 2009

Sick again.....

Last Thursday evening sari started whining and being grumpyand i gave her some Tylenol thinking it was her teeth....she acted better....i nursed her to go to bed and then she acted like she needed to burp and then she threw up all over my chair and my back so i go change and she wanted to nurse more....10 min later she wakes up again and really truly all the way completely threw up all over the both of us. Had to wake up daddy to help, poor guy got clean up duty. Sari and i took a bath and that helped calm her down....I sat up and rocked her all night and she didn't want to nurse (man was i engorged) Friday she had a low fever but didn't throw up again :)

Friday morning RaeLee woke up with pink eye.... Sunday surprise Sari has it too!!!

Being a mom is fun?

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