Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Yup RaeLee's arm was broken!!! I was so excited that it really was broke ;) Cause she let the Dr push on it and move it and do anything to it and didn't say a word or cry or whimper...So his response after examing it was "I don't really see the need to do a xray" I was like ummmm NO she acted like that for the last broken arm she really needs a xray done thanks.... So I felt like this dumb overprotective mom who was just subjecting her 3 yr old to unneeded YES I was pleased that it was broken, not for RaeLee's sake but for my own mommy ego ;)

We went to the Dr. before coming home and we FORGOT that the BIKE was on the van and drove into the parking garage....Poor BIKE, Poor BIKE RACK, Poor VAN :( Our insurance is going to cover fixing the van and straightening out one of the main bars on the rack but it won't help replace the back rack.....and its a $500 deductable :( we are just thrilled........

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