Friday, August 21, 2009

Take a guess as to what happened???
On Wednesday evening Jared and I were talking on my front lawn and Emory was riding his scooter we couldn't see him cause the van was in our way. We all of the sudden hear a loud popping sound and then I see a rock bounce from under the van and Emory comes around on his scooter. Emory wouldn't tell us what happened so we walk over and find Jared's car window shattered. So we ask what happened...Emory's first story was he ran into the bumper of the car and the window broke....okay well it was a little bit believable because Emory and Jonathan have been doing that ALL summer and getting in trouble for it ALL summer. I took Emory in to eat dinner and asked him again what happened...Emory's second story was that he was riding his scooter and hit the rock and it flipped up and hit the window and he ran into the car....Okay well that was sounding alot more plausable, I let him eat and we kept talking and he was VERY worried about being in trouble. We helped Jared and Jessica clean up the mess and found out that is would be around $150 to fix the window....I went back in to eat dinner and asked Emory if he was ready to really tell us what happened because he has already told two different stories and that we needed to know what happened. So Emory FINALLY told the truth.....He was riding his scooter and kept hitting a rock and that made him really mad so he picked it up and threw it! Yup that's my boy :) So we gave our neighbors money to fix the window and Emory is working hard weeding out thier garden areas. Poor Emory feels really bad about doing it and has told me he will never throw a rock again cause they break things and get him in trouble! LOL

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Jake and Stephanie Perrin said...

OOPS!! Hopefully ALL the kids will learn a lesson from this.... At least it was them and not across the street! :)