Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ON the way home we stopped in Laketown to play at the park and eat...well Anya ran into the gate and got a bloody nose and the play ground was all wet and muddy cause they watered the lawn...So we went to Garden City to play and eat...we left the kids with my mom while we (Nash Dad and I) went to get the food...when we got back poor RaeLee started crying and was unable to calm down we couldn't sooth her. She had fallen out of a swing and landed on her head but we realized she had also caught herself with her arm...She was acting just like she did last time (only this time I couldn't nurse her) ((I miss being able to calm her down like that)) So we iced her up dosed her up on IB profen and figured we'd take her in to our clinic on the way home.... Poor Grammy felt horrible, it wasn't any fun teasing her about it.........

Snap shot of how pretty it was in the first picture the cabin on the right is my Aunts we went and enjoyed dinner there on Sunday night and I had forgotten my cameras....UGH!

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