Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bear Lake 2009

Friday morning we hurried up and went to the beach and its a good thing we did! It was cool but the rest of the weekend was cold....we went back to the beach on Sunday but it was so windy my kids did not enjoy themselves and the girls curled up on my parents laps and took naps :) In all my life of going to bear lake I have never seen this many shells in one spot, you could drag the bucket through the pile and not get any dirt! And Nash is standing in just shells and said it was like quick sand and pretty cool :)

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Rosa Family said...

I would leave comments on all of the posts but that would just be silly! :-) I will just comment on one! Holy cow, poor RAE!!!! She is one tough cookie! She looks so grown up sitting there with her cast.... :-( Looks like you had a nice camping trip though! Took bad about your car...and bike... ;-) One time I backed up and pulled my whole front bumper off....yeah I felt dumb...but you had a good excuse...I didn't! :-) Loved the pics!