Friday, July 10, 2009

Some of my wants (since I never tell anyone what I want for my birthday :)
Okay I found this amazing little product on Amazon :) After moving more boxes of BOOKS than anything else in my home this would help save time next time we move ;) The Kindal holds 1,500 books! the Kindal DX holds 3,500 books! Holy moly that's alot of books! Its slim and portable and yeah, I think I'm in love :)
My other idea is I really would like a sewing machine! I have a old one from my parents that needs to be fixed so I'd even be happy with some money to fix it :)
I would also love Photo Shop so I could play more with my pictures, do scrapbooking, and create blog layouts :)
Cute things to put on my walls, or money for me to go get things to decorate now that I have all 4 kids here I'd love to get matching frames for their pictures (instead of the mixmatched wood ones I have now) I'd also love one of those cute signs that have sayings on them.....
Anyways, I know I have expensive tastes and I'm not really expecting anything :) I just always get in "trouble" cause I never tell what I want...and that is usually because I have expensive tastes! LOL

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