Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fish Lake Utah

Last week (Thurs-Mon) we went to Nash's family campout! We had a blast though it was a very interesting and some what "plagued" trip.... Here is all that happened!

*Heather, Anya, Emory, RaeLee and Sari all had colds


*Heather was bitchy thanks to said colds and was stressed over packing and caused a fight (or a rather long resistance nap by Nash)

*arrive in Roy at 11:30pm Wednesday night (had planned on making it way before that)

* Nash woke up feeling sick and had to have a blessing to feel better

*go shopping, come back and I'm loading the cooler when I loose my balance and try and catch myself I feel something pop the world goes black and I'm in TONS of pain....

*Nash goes to load up the bikes and can't find the strap to hook them on to the car after searching he realizes he might have left it on the car and thinks it somewhere in the I go for a walk in 104 degree weather and a hurt back and a cold and eventually I FOUND it :)

*We finally get on the road and the baby starts crying (she cried the entire trip she HATES HATES HATES the car)

*Being in the car is just plain torture on my back

*Finally arrive at Fish Lake and I get Rae and Sari out of the car and then proceed to fall and scrape up and bruise the heck out of my knee (Baby and Rae were completely fine)

*Putting up everything took so long that Nash and I didn't eat till everyone else was in bed and it was completely dark (thanks Dandi for feeding our kids!)


* Nash and Emory go Four Wheeling with Dandi, Jim, Mace, Anna Lee, and Quintyn

* I stay at camp with Anya, RaeLee, and Sari I HOPED to get a nap but ended up fighting with girls the entire time the boys were gone...its a good thing we were the only ones left in camp ;)

*Emory comes back and says he had a good time runs off and rides his bike (he was on his bike the whole time I hardly saw him)

*Nash comes back and says that he had a good time too and thankfully they both looked fine to me...Mace on the other hand came back all torn up from being launched off his vehicle...glad to have my first aid kit so we could put him back together ;)

* a few hours after they returned I walked into a hushed conversation and I hear my name so I ask what is going on....... Nash proceeds to tell me that Emory was riding with Jimmy and was also launched off the four wheeler flipped in the air and landed on his feet! (Emory says he landed on his back) I am soooo thankful that he is okay and I know that going four wheeling carries risk (every time Emory has been on one something has happened) But I am very upset at all the adults that were on the trip that thought it was a good idea to NOT TELL ME! I'm even more upset that they talked about keeping in a secret infront of Emory and now he is confused about telling me if something BAD happens to him.......ohhhhh I'm not happy!


*We go to Capital Reef National Park to swim and Sari cried half the way....we finally get there and I tie her on my back she proceeds to lick me and gets sunscreen in her mouth...a half hour or so later and she proceeds to start SCREAMING, she won't nurse, she wouldn't calm was AWEFUL! But we had a blast before she started crying :) She feel asleep on the way home and when we got back I laid in the tent with her and she finally would nurse again...poor thing slept most of the afternoon


*Had a nice relaxing day nothing bad happened and I even got to have some alone time with my sis in law KeeNan and we got to have a nice long uninterupted talk! Thanks to the men taking our other children away :)


*woke up with the sky getting light and started packing

*got in the car at 10:30 am

*drove for 6 hours made stops at Lori's house, my cousin Heather's house, and my Parents house

*finally pulled in our drive way at 10:30 pm unloaded the essentials, put kids to bed, and took a shower! and went to bed ourselves....

It was a very nice time! We didn't like the LONG drive but the weather was alot better than at Flamming Gorge it was soooo beautiful there and it was nice to see the family!

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Noodle said...

So sorry to hear about the hard times but sounds like you were still able to make some fun family memories!!