Monday, May 11, 2009

What a wonderful day we had! It was Mother's day, Sari's blessing, a celebration of Nash's graduation, Emory's birthday, Tara and Preston's 1 yr aniversary of being sealed in the Temple, and in a few days its Ymana's birthday! We had alot of Nash's family come up and my sweet Aunt Elfreda came. I'm so thankful for our wonderful families and for all the love and support they give us!

Ymana made Sari's blessing dress!

The Baughman side of the family :)

Beautiful Sari slept through her blessing, what a good baby! :)


The Tanner Family said...

how sweet she looks! We blessed Kellee on mothers day too! :) I love your hair cut!

Karlie said...

Sari's dress and bonnet are beautiful! I don't see many baby girls blessed with a bonnet anymore. Most of them are wearing headbands. All of my girls wore little bonnets with their dresses. Maybe it's not the "in" thing, but I think it is so sweet and adorable.