Wednesday, May 06, 2009

My Emory

Is 6 years old today! My how the time has just flown by!!!! He brings so much fun into our home (sometimes too much fun) ;) His favorite thing in the world is gymnastics. I see him upside down more often than right side up! He was doing handstands last week, even with having the flu! Yesterday he was doing back hand springs all by himself over and over, it was the neatest thing I've seen! He is so kind with his sisters, and has a special bond with little Sari! He likes to change her diapers, and make her smile, and give her loves. Anya and RaeLee do get on his nerves but he is so good to them and always makes sure they get a turn to watch a "girl" movie. I am so glad that I get to watch him grow up. (Even though it makes mommy teary eyed) 6 years ago I wasn't sure if we'd have the priveledge of knowing him here on Earth. Emory you've come so far and we LOVE you soooo much!!!!

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Anonymous said...

What an amazing little guy you have!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!