Monday, April 06, 2009

Sari 1 day old - Sari 6 weeks old
I can't believe how time is just flying by! Today Anya goes back to Therapy and we started gymnastics last week. This week I have something everyday :) We've gone back to church, and let me just tell you how NICE that was! It is overwheming at times to get everyone out of the house, I have to be alot more organized and start preparing WAY ahead. BUT it is SOOOOOOOO nice to be out of my house! My confinement has ended and won't ever happen again :) I've packed up my maternity clothes, it was sad to see them all and know I'm not going to use them again. But the space in my closet, hopechest, and drawers is really nice :) I'm feeling pretty much back to normal, I'm still not quiet as strong as I used to be (months of laying around took their toal) but its coming back :) And all in all we are a happy, content, full of life family :)

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