Thursday, April 23, 2009

Here is Sari at 1 day, 1 month, and 2 months.... I think she has grown and changed :) We sure love our Sweet Sari and we're soaking in each day. I've always loved my babies and cherished their little tiny baby ways. But this time is definately different, I just stare at her and try to memorize every sound, face, smell, and thing she does. I am so grateful that we had this chance to be parents again. It feels so good to have our family complete, I no longer feel like someone is missing and that relieves a nice chunk of stress :) Sari is smiling more and more every day, she likes it when I say "Sari, Sari, Sari" for some reason she usually smiles to that :) She loves her daddy and will stretch and squirm till she finds him. I think she either really likes her sibs or doesn't...she will get all excited and squirmy, but I can't tell if its a happy excited or a pick me UP now I'm being attacked squirm. She will cry if they've bugged her too much. She has finally stopped screaming in the car, the poor darling has just given up she now knows that it is just something she has to deal with. LOL!

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