Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby and life update :)

On Tuesday April 14th Sari officailly begain know the smiles where she looks at you and is actually meaning to do it :) She has been doing milky smiles for a little while now...the ones that are after nursings :)

We weighed her at the Dr. last Thursday and she was 10lbs 5oz so in 3 weeks she gained 3lbs!

I am soooo pleased that she is growing and changing. Its so fun to watch, but I feel like when she moves out of each new stage that I'm forever closing a chapter on our lives. I LOVE having babies and I LOVE babies and I know we need to be done and I'm okay with it. This is me tasting the bittersweetness of it all.

Guess I should take some pictures of her...haven't since last weekend. This week has been blah...its been snowing! but this weekend should be nice and hopefully we'll get out and play!

Our good friends Davin and Elsha found out today that Dave is in the PT program now with Nash!!! I am sooooo excited for them and of course for us. But now Elsha and I have each other to help make it through the next 3 years!!! Congrats Dave!!!

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Elsha Christensen said...

I sure love you Heather!