Monday, March 16, 2009

Update on last week :)
I didn't have internet!!! After months of being addicted, not having it was a very BAD thing, the withdrawls were tough. But I'm back! YIIIIPPPPEEE!!! We spent last week going places, Anya had a Endo apt. and she is growing well :) I was able to go to La Leche League!!! The first time since Sept. it was SOOOOOOO nice to go out and do something other than Drs and something that was FUN just for ME. Sari also had a dr apt. she weighed 7lbs 4oz, she didn't gain any length, she just packed on the pounds. She is in the 50% for everything! WOW it amazes me to have a baby that is in the "normal" range. I also was supposed to have a Dr apt. but it had to be rescheduled due to a emergency for the Dr. Nash was sick all week and hardly worked at all :( I was also sick, still am, but I didn't get it as bad as he did. RaeLee is still driving us up the walls, she is tearing up books, distroying bathrooms, changing her clothes every hour, and just being very needy. I guess she is making up for the fact that the other kids have all adjusted easily to new babies... We are hoping for a speedy week, cause Nash has spring break next week and we're anxious to enjoy it!

Sari is so small she fits in the bathroom sink...but not for long!!!

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