Friday, March 27, 2009

Sari's first trip to Utah!

The Aunties LOVED her and so did Pearl who kept following me around wanting to see the baby and hold the baby :)

We enjoyed our trip down to Utah for spring break! We had lots of fun with both families, so much fun that I only remembered to pull out my camera while we were bowling. This was my kids first time going and they had a blast! Especially Emory, he could bowl all by himself and did a great job! We are so glad KeeNan and Dandi's families made a special trip to see her!!
This was Nash's families first time seeing Sari (except for the grandparents). They all loved her and I had to wash her hair everyday we were there cause EVERYONE has to touch her hair LOL :) (I touch it more than anyone hehehe)
We went bowling on Sari's 1 month birthday, I CAN't believe that she is already a month old :( I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad about it, I just want time to slow down so I can soak up every minute with my new baby...

Sari did great on the drive to and from utah! hopefully it stays that way ;) And in the pictures she is wearing the same outfit she came home from the hospital in...and it FITS her :( again I'm not sure this is a good thing... No, I'm glad she is doing good and growing, I'm just having a hard time knowing she is my last baby I just want to freeze her in time everyday and yet, I'm having so much fun watching her grow. Nash has been hearing all about my mixed feelings and last night while talking to him I realized why this all feels so fast to me... Emory and RaeLee were newborns for a very long time! Emory didn't start smiling or get to be this size till he was about 4 months old, Rae didn't take that long, but she still took longer to smile and such. And no Sari isn't smiling yet and she might take a little longer than a full term to do it but she just seems so big to me.
Oh and to clear something up since I've had alot of questions about it... I did not get a hysterectomy :) we were able to get the bleeding I had under control and I got to keep my uterus. I did however get my tubes tied so we are officially done. I still think Nash should also go get fixed though, cause I've been cut open 4 times, he should do it once ;) (I'm totally joking)
The big kids are doing good, we are preparing to go back to our crazy schedule! Which I'm excited for and yet kinda dreading LOL :)

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Shamae said...

She is so cute! I would love to touch her hair too!! They do grow up so fast. Morgan is my baby and she is 3...same age as RaeLee. Anyway Sari is beautiful!