Sunday, March 01, 2009

Baby Sari all clean and in a outfit from Grammy Yummy...its probably the only time she'll be able to wear it! Its a preemie size and it was very snug on her...LOL isn't that great?! I caught her during a sneeze, so she isn't crying in the smushed up face picture, it was a sneeze :)

Sari sleeping on daddy, we had to get a picture of how she was holding her hands...TOO CUTE!


Cole and Shelly Parker said...

Oh she is so precious!! Thanks for the pictures so I can get my baby fix :)

Rosa Family said...

What an adorable baby! She is so you know! ;-) Glad she is doing so well...sure is a huge blessing.

Lynners said...

So cute, so cute; cute, cute, cute! Crap, you're making me baby hungry!