Monday, February 09, 2009

Nash's theory on why Sari is still cooking....

We were talking last night on our bed while we were waiting for the kidos to go to sleep, and we were discussing how Sari is staying put. Well Nash demonstrated his idea (Sari pushing up as hard as she can saying NOOOOOOO!) I was laughing so hard!!!! So I did this funny little drawing to help you get the mental image I had when he was doing that.

We are to 34 weeks 4 days! And I need to make everyone put their feet back on the ground. Yes, its wonderful we've made it this far! But we are not out of the woods yet, and the NICU is still a reality... Yes it is possible to have a baby between 34-37 weeks do wonderfully and not need the NICU... BUT! more often than not babies at this age still need help.

We do know when we are going to have her, her delivery is scheduled. BUT I'm not telling when it is till its ALOT closer. I don't need help counting down the weeks, days and hours ;) It helps to know that being pregnant will not last forever, but at the same time now "time" seems to be going very slowly.

I decided to do a experiment over the weekend and stop taking my meds. Because I was noticing a increase in contractions when it was time to take another dose... And I feel human again! I'm still having contractions and they are about the same amount as with the meds...but less cause I'm not having all the triggered contractions from my blood pressure changing all the time. Hehehehe....I'm sure my Dr will think I'm looney tomorrow!!! Oh well, since when do I follow Drs. orders???



Tiffany said...

Love the drawing! I felt like my boys were doing similar things when I was pregnant with them, they sure liked to stretch out!

The Estrogen Files said...

What great news about making it so far!! My thoughts and prayers are with you all.

Noodle said...

love the drawing it made me laugh =)