Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Isn't my baby sweet?!

Sari's birth story :)

I hardly slept all week long because I was going through everything in my mind, and I couldn't get my mind to turn off. Sunday night my parents arrived and I kept them and Nash up until 2 am just talking non-stop! LOL They all went to bed pretty quick, I didn't go to sleep until after 2:30 am and I woke up periodically to go potty until 6 am when I was wide awake and anxious to start the day. But I laid in bed until our alarm went off at 7:30, I was going nuts! I just wanted to wake Nash up and talk somemore...but I held back :)

The nice thing about having a time to go in and everything scheduled is I was able to take a shower and put on a little make up before heading off to the hospital. We arrived here at about 10:30 am and it was a good thing we showed up on time!

Since it was a csection I had to get a IV...YUCK! I hate IVs!!!! And this time was the worst experience with IVs that I have EVER had. The nurses had to poke me three times before getting it in and its a good thing I was laying down or else I would've passed out! It took them forever! After they were done I was amused by Nash getting into his scrubs! I'm so glad he is my hubby, I love how no matter what we can find something to laugh at.

So Dr. Shelley comes in and is just so excited and pleased and surprised that I made it! At this point all of us were still nervous about what was going to happen during the csection...Was I going to bleed? Was Sari going to be okay or be in the NICU?

We then decided it was time to go down to the pre-op area to talk with the other Drs who were assisting the surgery. After reading my history the head anethisologist decided they needed to put in another IV due to my history with bleeding. I was fighting off tears. SO the nurse starts doing it and CAN'T get it in, she poked me twice, and then another nurse came and tried a third time and was successful. I also had to have blood work done so the girl who did that screwed up too and bruised me bad.

I was then taken to the O.R. to get the final stuff done for surgery, like getting me and the table all ready and getting my Spinal done. After the saga of the IVs the Spinal was EASY! 10 seconds of intense pain and then delightful numbness! They laid me back down finished preping me and before I knew it Nash was there at my side :)

And they started! Nash amused me the whole time by standing up and watching and almost leaning over the blind to see what they were doing! My fainting prone hubby is no more, thanks to school he wants to see everything now! Its always weird to have a csection done cause everyone is focus on the bottom half of you and you can't see what is going on! But you can hear everything :) Finally after a few minutes, which always seem longer to me than they really are, I felt a push on my tummy and heard a glorious LOUD cry! Dr. Shelley announced that she was beautiful and couldn't believe her hair! Once they got Sari out they took her over to the bassinet and I could see them work on her and dry her off. She cried the WHOLE time, it was the most beautiful noise! I was so relieved!!! Once she was dried off they took her and Nash to the nursery to do everything else.

So I then drifted off here and there while they were sewing me back up. Glad to know that they weren't panicing while sewing me up :)

Baby crying will finish more later :)

Feb. 25, 2009

While finishing me up the phone in the O.R. rang and it was the nursery announcing how big Sari was! I giggled to myself cause Nash and I each won a bet... He picked her weight to be around 6.4 and I thought she might be closer to 7, he was thinking she would be bald and red headed I figured she would be fuzzy and dark like the rest!

Once they were done putting me back together they took me to the recovery room and this time I wan't totally "out" of it. I can remember everything and its all clear :) Due to bleeding with Rae I was more out of it with her, and I don't remeber Emory's and Anya's was horrible! (so I chose not to remember hers) LOL. I watched the clock knowing I couldn't rush the recovery time, but I was dying to whole time to know what was going on with my baby! The recovery room is hard cause Nash isn't in there and the baby is somewhere else and I'm all alone just waiting....but it wasn't that long, compared to other recovery rooms so before I knew it they were wheeling me up to my room.

Can you imagine my surprise and relief when they announced that there was a baby waiting for me in my room!!!! Nash was in here waiting for me with a sleeping angel. I still feel like I'm in a dream! I'm sure I MUST be dreaming!

For her first 12 hours she didn't nurse much and slept a ton! But that was okay cause I was on my morphine pump (the happy button) and when my kids and parents came to see her I was so out of it I couldn't even focus my eyes... At 4am Tues morning I was able to get off all my machines (morphine pump, IV, leg pressure thingies, blood pressure cuff, oxegen monitor) and it felt WONDERFUL. After getting all that off we really started nursing productivly.

Once she figured out about nursing she hasn't stopped! My milk is coming in and I'm sore thanks to her giving me good contractions! I love holding her and smelling her and kissing her!!!



Lynners said...

Congratulations! She is so beautiful. I can't believe all that hair! I have a hard time staying awake through my c-sections. That's so cool that you got to witness all those first moments!! The first real memory I have after my first was a day and a half after the surgury. Gggggrrrrr! Oh well. I have lots of great memories after that. By putting up a real fight, I was able to catch the actual birth of my second son. But I'm so glad you are blessed to avoid the NICU! Thanks to God she is healthy and thriving!

The Estrogen Files said...

Congratulations!!! What an awesome gift for you both. She's beautiful.

jess said...

Congrats you guys! I am so glad that everything went well and everyone is doing good. I can't believe how much hair your babies come out with! It's awesome!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture of her! So amazing! Thank you for taking the time to share some of the story with us!! Can't wait to hear the rest!!!! Keep resting and enjoy your new little baby!!!! I am so jealous!!! :-)

Noodle said...

sounds like a beautiful birth story sari will love hearing it when she gets older... congrats again

Brandy A. Lee said...

Holy locks of hair! She is a darling addition to the family :) It was great to hear your voice today Heather. I hope all is well!

Ashley said...

Congrats! I am jealous o all of that hair! My gils were both baldies until they were 18 months! She is precious! I hope everything continues t go well for you and your family!