Thursday, February 12, 2009

I'm bored and playing on the blog (obviously) and I discovered that since 2006 I've posted every Feb 12th and all of them have been about RaeLee... so in continuing the tradition here are the picts from the last 4 years(2006, 07, 08, 09), my little RaeLee isn't so little anymore :(

Rae has been such a fun little ball of fiesty to be raising. We love her, even when she is pushing us to our limits! Her new thing is to "try" and get in trouble...she will egg on her daddy till he comes after her, and has figured out how to drive her brother insane! They argue over everything and tease each other. She is definately her own little person with her own ideas and there is NO changing her ideas!


Shamae said...

Too cute! I remember her NICU days...Morgan and her were NICU buddies for a while. Ahhh memories!

The Tanner Family said...

HEY girl! 1 cm is alot for me:) Im just glad I started. Rae is a cutie!