Friday, February 27, 2009

Daddy getting some good cuddle time :)

Things are going well, I'm definately tired! I've forgotten what a newborn is like!!! Especially since the last two came home from the NICU... which means they were on a schedule and we used to diaper changes and had belly buttons that were healed.... Its so nice to have her so NEW! Sleeping has been interesting, though she is good and is nursing regularly :) Yesterday she had her first major diaper blow out! The kids thought it was gross!!! Emory is constantly checking on Sari and wants to make sure she is okay. RaeLee just wants to kiss her ALL the time and Anya wants to hold her and love her. Rae has been acting up some, getting into more trouble and finding more trouble to cause! Nash made it through the week and is very glad that we have the weekend to enjoy her and so he can catch up on sleep :)

Thanks to everyone who has left messages and sent your love to us! I really appreciate it and I couldn't have made it through this pregnancy without your support and understanding!!!

Need to nurse!!!! LOL

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