Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Our froggies have grown up! And thanks to one of Nash's professors we found out what kind of frogs they are.... African Clawed Frogs! We also know that Iggy (above) is a boy froggie and Zoey (below) is a girl froggie. Iggy will "sing" or croak when he is in the mood...and if he is in the mood he will give Zoey nice "hugs". They aren't old enough yet to produce young...LOL so right now its all for practice. Zoey is larger than Iggs and keeps getting bigger! (But that's what good girl frogs do) We love our froggies and have a great time with them... they will eat their food off our fingers and let us hold and pet them. During a water change last week Iggs escaped and almost went under the oven, good thing Nash was fast at getting him! I'll try and get a picture of them by each other to show the size difference :)

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KeeNan said...

So, when they do reproduce, maybe we'd be interested in a couple tadpoles. You'll have to let us know if you recommend it and if it will be possible to do something like that and what we will need.