Sunday, December 14, 2008

Hi everyone, I know its not the greatest picture but well I'm a tired prego lady so this is the best you'll get ;) Some of you have asked for another update....

I'm still on meds for contractions, I keep upping the frequency and dose but so far they are still under control...most days. I'm not on "bed rest" but I am supposed to be "laying low" and "letting others do the work" those of you that know me know how well that is going ;) Actually I've been taking it easy, well compared to what my schedule used to look like. I've cut out alot of things we (the kids) were doing but it still seems like I have tons of things to do. Though I only have two days that I have to do things this week, and I might cancel one of them.

The hardest part with all of this right now, for both Nash and I. Is the not knowing when, how, and what will happen... Its like I'm a ticking time bomb!!! And then I'm not supposed to be doing things so then I have too much time to just think about things. And I've realized its much easier to be lazy and not do chores and such when you can do them at any time... BUT if you aren't supposed to be doing things and are supposed to be lazy its sooooooo much harder to DO!

Nash has finals this week, so for now I'm just praying we get through this week...and I know Nash is too! A few nights ago he didn't sleep well and told me he didn't the next morning, I just laughed and told him I knew why.... Three different times he had woken me up and asked me if it was time to go to the hospital!!! and he was SOUND asleep when he did it. Poor guy, everytime a emergency during my pregnancy has happened its happened in the middle of the night and I had to wake him up.

I want to keep Sari in as long as possible, but part of me just wants the waiting and not knowing and being on the edge part over so we can just get on with dealing with whatever happens.... I know I am a crazy prego!!!


landofnyedom said...

Man! That is the hardest when you aren't supposed to do stuff. It's much easier to ignore the housework, etc. when you can do it. I'm sorry. That really bites. How far are you now? Good luck with everything.

Rosa Family said...

You look beautiful! I will keep putting both your names into the temple and keep our prayers with you!